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The Blue Lanterns: Hope


"In fearful day, in raging night,
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite
When all seems lost in the War of Light
Look to the stars...
For hope burns bright!

The Blue Lantern Corps is one of the seven corps that were spoken of in the prophecy for The Blackest Night. This corps has the power over the emotion of hope, and was founded by the ex-Guardians of Oa Ganthet and Sayd.

During the Sinestro Corps War, Ganthet and Sayd are expelled from the Guardians of the Universe for feeling emotions and for continuously speaking about the War of Light prophecy in the hidden chapter of the Book of Oa. After telling Hal Jordan about the Blackest Night and the other corps, Ganthet and Sayd go off to the planet Odym, which orbits Polaris. There, they harness the blue energy of hope and make plans to create another intergalactic police force in order to aid the Guardians of Oa and the Green Lantern Corps in their upcoming battle against The Blackest Night by creating blue power rings and batteries from their hope for the future.

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Recent History

Saint Walker shows up to assist Hal after an ambush by the Red Lantern Corps, who kidnap Sinestro from the Green Lanterns' custody. Saint Walker tells Hal that they must find Sinestro as it is crucial that he survives for the sake of the universe. After healing Hal of his injuries caused by the Red Lanterns, Saint Walker takes him back to Odym, where both witness Warth becoming the second member of the Blue Lantern Corps. Ganthet and Sayd tell Hal to go with Saint Walker and Warth to the planet Ysmault to rescue Sinestro. Hal is reluctant about this, as he believes Sinestro is not worthy of saving, and would rather go on the mission with his fellow Green Lanterns as opposed to the Blue Lanterns. On the way to Ysmault, the Blue Lanterns save a planet from being destroyed by its exploding sun, by reversing the age of the sun by 8.6 billion years with power from the hopes of the people of the planet. It is after this that Saint Walker tells Hal that he is expected to join the Blue Lantern Corps after saving Sinestro, in order to become the corps leader. After rescuing Sinestro the Blue Lanterns prepare to leave Ysmault. Hal Jordan returns to free Red Lantern Laira but is himself converted into a Red Lantern. It is then revealed that the Blue Lanterns have one major weakness: a Blue Lantern must be near a Green Lantern in order to have access to all their power, as Atrocitus states that hope is meaningless unless you have the willpower to make it a reality.Although his ring is now useless Saint Walker manages to reach Hal and induct him into the Blue Lantern Corps thus freeing him from the red power ring but making Hal into a hybrid Green/Blue Lantern. Walker is just as stunned as Jordan at the transformation. Red Lantern leader Atrocitus is later seen using his blood rituals to divine the location of the Blue Lantern Corps homeworld, indicating a possible attack by the Red Lantern Corps.

Jordan later confront Ganthet and Sayd in the bid to remove his blue power ring, as he's having difficulty of removing it from his finger as well as controling its powers. Ganthet and Sayd reveals to Jordan, Walker, and Warth that Jordan was to become the Blue Lantern Corps' leader as a Green Lantern, as they need his experience in battle as well as to access his willpower energy from his green power ring. The Guardians reveals the only way for Jordan to remove his blue power ring is that he must embraces his emotion of hope, and even the Guardians of Oa and Odym have no capabilities to remove it. After Jordan left Odym to continue his search for Sinestro, Ganthet, Sayd, and the Blue Lanterns continues to recruit new members for their Corps as well as planning to create alliances to those who wield the indigo power of compassion as well as with Oa.

The Guardians of Oa, despite of not pleased with the presence of the blue power ring with Jordan and their previous attempts to remove it from him, decides to monitor how it would functions with his green power ring during a battle with Larfleeze, the wielder of the power of orange emotional spectrum of avarice.

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