Why an ids degree

First thing is first, why am I pursuing an integrated studies degree with the track in peace studies and how is this degree going to benefit me in my ultimate goal in getting into law school?Well, with my troublesome back ground I have a real strong interest in human rights and other disciplines that help individuals from denied rights or are being oppressed by a much stronger entity; I was always romanticized by the definition of justice.Peace studies give me the opportunity to learn more of the philosophies that have both given and taken away humanís most inalienable rights.These ideals are the foundation of our society and by better understanding these ideals gives me the advantage to understanding why human interactions break down, and how these breakdowns can be diverted into a more peaceful future.

I want to learn about international and human rights law.These topics I hold I strong interest in.With hard work and the right education I feel I would be a strong force for the people that need someone to fight for their rights in the face of adversity.I learned at a young age that if you find a purpose in your work nothing else will be more fulfilling.I know I can contribute a lot in the law field in the future if I work hard.

††††††††††††††††††††††† A peace studies degree has a wide spectrum of many other disciplines under its jurisdiction and is also can be very difficult to define since it can be so encompassing.I usually look at peace studies through the peace of states internally and the relationships between states; this is because of my political science background.

My political science background is a major part of how I became interested in law.I enjoy learning about other governments and how they work in the international community.I study peace now because when peace breaks down internally in a state, the rights of the citizen of the state can fall to the gutter; this also can be true when states war with each other.I believe the balance of peace is crucial and should be maintained to some extent at all times.


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