Environmental Issues Effecting Diverse Populations of Plants

Biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity where each species of Plants, no matter how small, all have an important role to play.

Disease Problem of the Ash Trees - which is moving its way toward ND: : Emerald Ash Borer


Identify the Beetle that causes Emerald Ash Borer and signs and symptoms of the disease


Plants need Nitrogen to grow Lush and Green - what effects does added nitrogen have on our Water supply

Reducing Nitrogen In Long Island Sound

This act requires DEP to set limits on the amount of nitrogen municipal sewage treatment plants discharge into Long Island Sound, and creates a nitrogen credit exchange program. The

credit exchange program allows plants to meet their discharge limits by buying credits (though DEP) from plants that have reduced their discharges below their permit levels. (PA 01-180, effective July 1, 2001)

Carbon Sinks soak up CO2

Golf Courses Nitrogen Mangement

The Problem: Nutrient Overloading

Importance of Plant Diversity

The diversity of plant life is an essential underpinning of most of our terrestrial ecosystems.


Agricultural relevanceto plant genetic diversity

Video: Joseph Stiglitz: Liberalization & Subsidized Agriculture vs Poor Farmers

Global Food Crisis 2008

Food Prices or Overpopulation??????????

Plants and the environment 

Plants are very sensitive to storms, droughts and floods, as they interact with the environment directly by exchanging energy and water. These events can have strongly negative effects on crop yields. We will see how plants are affected by temperatures, humidity or precipitations.


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